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About Dogs Queensland

Dogs Queensland is the premier Canine organisation in Queensland.  Dogs Queensland provides services to assist dog owners, dog breeders and canine lovers, who have a passion in the welfare and well being of canine friends. 

Dogs Queensland continues to promote the benefits of maintaining pure bred lines in order to identify and minimise potential genetic deficiencies or problems. Maintaining registers of pure bred dogs through the network of responsible breeders reassures dog owners and puppy buyers that the new member of the family has been tested for potential inherited problems, are 'fit for purpose' and most importantly, integrate into the family lifestyle. 

There are over 210 registered types of pure breed dogs in Australia, which can make the selection of the right dog for you, sometimes a little confusing.  Our canine friends have a long  history with humankind, and are the only animal which has integrated into our way of life.  Thousands of years ago Dogs became helpers to humans, whether it was as a guardian, a hunter or a companion.  Each breed was designed and bred for a  purpose and now breed standards ensure that the dogs anatomy, health, nutrition, exercise and grooming needs all conform to the 'fit for purpose' regime.

Dogs Queensland provides facilities for dog lovers to demonstrate the unique skills of each of the breeds.  At the Dogs Queensland Sports Grounds, 247 King Avenue, Durack  Queensland there are over 52 acres of specifically designed rings, arenas, off lead exercise areas, designated sporting areas where dogs and their owners can be involved in  activities where they share their passion. The Dogs Queensland Sports Grounds provides facilities such as: a  function centre with canteen, amenities, BBQ and picnic areas, a market place, off street parking plus limited camping and caravan facilities for members. For more information about the Dogs Queensland Sports Grounds go to

Dogs Queensland is a Not for Profit organisation which  provides services to people with the same passion - Dogs.  Members of Dogs Queensland are the lifeblood of the organisation, they are the  volunteers who work tirelessly to bring like minded people together to enjoy their chosen sports or activities. Events, shows and training programs are all  delivered by dedicated teams of volunteers with the assistance of a small administration staff.   

Dogs Queensland promotes and facilitates ongoing education and training programs for all dog owners and breeders. Education programs which cover Anatomy, Nutrition, Behaviour, Genetics, Health and many more topics are well received by all members, veterinary professionals, trainers and interested members of the public.  The Judges training program ensures that  breed standards are understood and each Judge knows their specific breed and ensures that dogs are judged according to the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) standards.  Encouraging young people into our canine world has been a focus of the Junior Handlers Program, teaching young children through to adolescents how to manage, handle and train their dog. 

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