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Announcing Calendar Competition


Thank you for purchasing the Dogs Queensland/Zoo Studio 2017 calendar.

Would you like to win an amazing photographic package from Zoo Studio?

Simply find the hidden image of a fire ant somewhere  in your calendar. 

Dogs have amazing and finely tuned senses.  There are sight and scent hounds, the trackers and the hunters, equipped with speed and agility.  They can search for their prey and speedily track it down.  How good are you?

The hidden fire ant relates to one of the pictures but is not necessarily hidden in that picture.  Look very carefully and see if you can find where it is  hiding within the pages of the calendar.  

If you find where the fire ant is hidden,  and are the first to notify Dogs Queensland the exact location of the Fire Ant you will win: 

A Studio photographic package to the Value of $2000 with Zoo Studio (Pet Photographer of the Year)    

Enter now, don't delay! email your entry to: 

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